What are we going to see?

A fantastic tour, if you wish to know Málaga through the three mains emblematic monuments, to discover Málaga city, we start at the renowned Larios Street, the city cultural heart, to learn about its origin and transformation, then on to costitution square which has so much history , from bullfight to execution to present concert and event.


 From ther we will meander through th narrow streets to the architecturarlly eclectic Cathedral and discover why it is nicknamed “ The manquita” (th hand-less woman).Next is the Roman theather which was buried under flooding and not rediscovered until 1950´s. Then on to the Alcazaba to visit the muslim period appreciating the gardens and palace and learning how the palace transformed from a king´s residence to a poor neighborhood. Our tours will end at a scenic walkway to the port which was the site of this pinturesque neighborhood.


During the tour, picture and photos will be provide so you can better understand the changes that have taken place throughout time to the present day.



3h aprox.

95€/1pax 110€/2pax 130€/3pax 150€/4pax

Starting point

Larios street

End of the route

Fountain of three Graces


Spanish / English

Number of people

No more than 4

Friendly service

No flags or microphones will be used


Apt for persons with reduced mobility


Map of the route

Frequently asked questions

Meeting point

If you prefer, we can pick you up from your hotel/apartment or we can meet up at the starting point of the route.

What will you need?

Comfortable shoes, a bottle of water, sun cream in summer and plenty of room in your camera or mobile phone to take photos.

What does it include?

Free pick-up from hotel or apartment in Malaga city centre (ask us about other options) and a native of Malaga as your official guide.


Include ticket for Alcazaba.